About us

TYDE Music is located on the North Shore of beautiful Lake Tahoe, and was founded by luthiers Tyler Joersz and Devin Price in 2010. Both apprenticed under Cline, master woodworker and founder of Roundwood Furniture and are self taught luthiers.

A trip to Hawaii and the love of music inspired friends Tyler and Devin to take the furniture cutoffs from Roundwood Furniture to build their first ukuleles. The company currently makes ukuleles, guileles, cajon drums, didgeridoos and other music accessories. Innovation, creativity and a non-traditional approach allow them to build great sounding, gorgeous, and comfortable instruments that are easy to travel with.

TYDE Music loves wood, and understand it is a valuable resource to our planet. While they do use some exotic woods, they prefer to use local, reclaimed, and sustainable woods in their instruments. Salvaged furniture scraps, materials they have actually reclaimed themselves from local piers, landfills and materials from contractors looking to reduce waste from remodels have all been used.

Music makes the world a better place. It has become a great passion of theirs to build musical instruments, and share their talent with the world. To build a beautiful and great sounding instrument is what it means to live within art and music.

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TYDE Music

Three Dot Studios is an artists collective incorporating sister companies Roundwood Furniture and TYDE Music. It is a signature of quality and artistry started by Cline, Founder of Roundwood Furniture, and means that the project is held to a very high standard from sourcing to design to finish. Visit www.threedotsudios.com

Tyler Joersz was born and raised in Sandpoint, ID and has lived in Lake Tahoe since 2007. Tyler started home building in 2005 and worked in Montana and California until 2008 when he met Cline, owner of Roundwood Furniture. Tyler apprenticed under Cline as a woodworker until starting the sister company Tyde Music with fellow employee Devin Price. Pronounced "Tide" the company name is a collaboration of the founders names. 


Devin Price grew up playing a variety of musical instruments and has always had a strong passion for music and art.  He loves luthiery, and enjoys taking a different approach to it than traditional instrument building.   "I can't believe I have the opportunity to build musical instruments, its just the most amazing thing." Devin Price